Core Cutters that feed and cut cardboard cores
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CC160/200S Core Cutters that feed and cut cardboard cores

  • High-precision feeding and cutting
  • Job change within a few minutes
  • Production and job-setting information
  • Automatic adjustment of machine operation for selected core size and wall thickness.
  • Option for ½-inch cores


The Semi-automatic Core Cutters provide high-precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores of optional lengths and sizes at high speeds. They are available in two lengths for cardboard cores of a maximum length of 1600 mm (63.0”) and 2000 mm (78.7”) respectively. Long experience in the manufacturing of core cutters has resulted in the development of a unique product giving high priority to service friendliness and production speed.

The CC160/200 semi-automatic core cutters are operated by a user-friendly touch display with graphic symbols. It automatically adjusts all machine operations to the selected core size and wall thickness. The changeover from job to job is easily done within a few minutes. 


  • User-friendly touch display with production and job setting information.
  • Automatic adjustment of machine operation to the selected core size and wall thickness.
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of the speed according to the core diameter.
  • Integrated ”support menu” and the possibility of change of language.
  • Sensor making the initial cut unnecessary.
  • Software optimizing the cutting to reduce the amount of waste.
  • Error messages appear in clear text which allows for prompt fault-finding and correction.
  • Service-friendly design requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Cutting of cores up to 152mm/6” in diameter and with a wall thickness of up to 15mm (subject to material and amount of glue in core).
  • Nylon or steel anvil
  • Operation in mm or inches.
  • Available in many local languages.

Cores up to 6 inches

CC160/200 can cut cores down to 6” in diameter with high precision cutting.

Steel anvil for precision

CC160/200 is born with a steel anvil for high precision cutting of cores. Other anvils are available for different core sizes and wall thicknesses.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Cutting speed

Max. 40 - 70 cuts/ min

Depending on core size and material

Core diameters

One adapter set needed for each diameter

12,7 - 152,4 mm  0.5 - 6”
Max core length 1600 or 2000mm  63 or 78.7”
Material thickness Max. 15 mm  0.59
Air supply Min. 4 bar
Electricity supply 200 - 240V+N+PE, 13A
W x D x H CC160S 3,0 x 0,5 x 1,5 m  9.8 x 1.6 x 4.9 ft
W x D x H CC200S 3,4 x 0,5 x 1,5 m  11.1 x1.6 x 4.9 ft


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