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Compact waste shredder that provides collection of waste from 2 machines
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GR80K - compact waste shredder that provides collection of waste from 2 machines

  • Significantly reduces the amount of waste
  • Saves space thanks to its compact design
  • Provides the collection of waste from two machines
  • Efficiently shreds various materials including paper, foil, plastics, and cartons
  • Supplies a complete solution thanks to the included waste bag system


The GR80K is specially designed for inline use with printing presses or slitters. It efficiently shreds various materials including paper, foil, film, plastics, and cartons, and reduces them to only a few percent of the original volume. 

The GR80K combines a shredder with a built-in waste removal unit with heavy suction power and provides connections for two machines. The included Waste Bag System allows the use of canvas bags for shredded material.

An optional lubrication system can be added to use for materials with adhesive to prevent glue buildup on the knives. Can be easily integrated into the existing setup thanks to the small footprint.

The shredder reduces the risk of contamination compared to a conventional Venturi Extraction system by operating in a closed system. It also provides trouble-free installation both in Europe and America thanks to a compatible power supply.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Max. trim width 30 mm 1.2”
Max. trim extraction speed 200 m/min 656 ft/min
Connection tube diameter
inlet int./ext. dimensions
2x63 mm / 1x90 mm 2x2.5” / 1x3.5”
Dimensions (LxWxH) 0,95 x 0,86 x 1,27 m  3.1 x 2.8 x 4.2 ft

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