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PC330 - designed for UV coating of photo-paper with superior quality

  • Special flow anilox and long drying path ensure smooth coatings
  • Angled gear for minimal play in printing cylinders
  • Energy efficient GEW E2C lamp with large reflector
  • Servo-driven technology for perfect web tension


The GM Photo Coater is designed for the UV coating of photo paper with superior quality. It also provides UV coating for photo books, labels, stickers, and other roll-feed products.

The UV guarantees that professional quality photos printed on paper using silver halide technology get the optimal protection and required gloss level. UV coating ensures a brilliant appearance and enriches the colors. It prevents the colors and images from fading and provides excellent resistance against weather, UV light, abrasion, sweat, and other elements.

The machine has a compact footprint and is easy to operate. The helical gears used in the coater ensure perfect coating quality due to the minimum level of vibration. The drive train in the coater is completely servo driven offering low maintenance servo-driven tension control and good registration. The coating station uses the flexographic principle, so the actual coating thickness can be controlled very accurately saving varnish costs.

The GM Photo Coater features the newest electronics, a newly designed control panel, and a user-friendly interface. The graphical touch screen shows the machine configuration, spindle directions, and web-up. The machine can be equipped with optional modules allowing spot varnish, lamination, cold foiling, and slitting. The large 600 mm bottom rewinder offers fewer stopovers.

The machine has an internet connection for remote support and a user-friendly graphical touchscreen in the local language.

GM Photo Coater can run offline and in line with photobook manufacturing equipment and digital printers.


  • The UV Flexo varnish station with optional registration allows a higher level of embellishment with spot and Super Gloss varnish.
  • GM SmartCrush - An ultra-quick set knife system, allowing fast and precise setting of each crush knife – also while running.
  • GM Mini Buffer - easy switching between inline and offline mode. It synchronizes the speed between the digital press and the finisher.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 50 - 330 mm 2 - 13”
Substrate  50 - 200 µm 2 - 8 pt.
Max speed  72 m/min 236 ft/min
Diameter max. 600 mm 23.6"
Core diameter 76,2 or 152,4 mm 3 or 6”
Max diameter of the top rewinder 500 mm 19.7"
Max diameter of optional bottom rewinder 600 mm 23.6"
Core diameter 25 - 152 mm 1 - 6” 
Standard core diameter 76,2 mm 3”
Flexo Station
Print Cylinder size 228 - 482,6 mm 9 - 19”
Spot varnish option with digital sensor register control and slow run    
Slitting Station Option
Knife Type Pneumatic crush, SmartCrush, shear or razor  
Minimum distance crush 12,7mm 0.5
Minimum distance shear  10 mm 0.4
Power/Air  3x400V+N+PE, 32A, 6 bar  
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2,4 x 1,4 x 1,7 m 7.8 x 4.6 x 5.6 ft

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