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LR250+ Label Rewinder ready for inspection and inkjet

  • Ready for back numbering and other value-adding features
  • Super low tension rewinding is possible
  • Prepared for pharma applications
  • Two-way rewinder for re-inspection
  • Built-in web guide for perfect roll quality
  • Full tension control with tension separation nip


LR250+ inspection rewinder is designed and manufactured to deliver an outstanding performance that will boost your everyday label productivity.

This rewinder is suitable for general label production and more advanced work such as pharmaceutical applications.

The standard configuration of the LR250+ includes a count and missing label control for all types of labels. Extra sensors can be added to support clear-on-clear labels, and an integrated web guide ensures perfect roll quality.

The two-way rewinder has web tension control, nip, and an adjustable splice table with pneumatic splice clamps. It is equipped with air expansion mandrels with sleeves easily exchangeable to other sizes.

If 100% inspection is required the LR250+ is prepared for a camera inspection with PDF verification required for pharma or other critical applications.

Turn the LR250+ Rewinder into a mini digital press with the optional full UV inkjet system.

Finally, the LR250+ is equipped with an ergonomic lift table to fit operators of all heights.


  • Built-in missing label detection function with a sensor or optional with a video camera system
  • Two-way rewinder as standard.
  • Built-in web guide for perfect roll quality
  • Full tension control with tension separation nip
  • Ready for an inkjet system for back numbering or other value-adding features


Missing label detection how-to:
  • Define your label length
  • Run the machine with high production speed at 200 m/min
  • In case of error detection, the machine stops and places the web with the missing label on the splice table
  • Add missing label to the web
  • The machine does a re-check and continues rewinding if the label is replaced correctly

Optional equipment:
  • Splice detector
  • Capacitive sensor for “clear on clear” labels
  • Inspection systems - TubeScan, Nikka
  • Extra sleeves, diameter 25 - 120 mm
  • Ergonomic lift table
  • Full UV inkjet system. This turns the inspection rewinder into a mini digital press.

Perfect roll quality

The integrated web guide corrects the position of the web precisely and ensures excellent winding quality even with very narrow rolls.

Full tension control

Tension separation allows the setting of different values of tension of unwinder and rewinder. This is especially important with thin sensitive materials or materials on a PET liner.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Max web width: 250 mm 9.8”
Max speed 200 m/min 656 ft/min
Max unwind diameter 400 mm 15.7”
Max rewind diameter 400 mm 15.7”
Pneumatic shafts diameter 25 - 120 mm 1 - 4.7”
Webguide BST Ultrasonic
Inspection system BST Tubescan, Nikka
 W x D x H 1,7 x 0,9 x 0,9 m 5.8 x 3.0 x 3.0 ft

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