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MultiLayer for peel and reveal labels

  • Special promotions
  • To display a lot of information
  • Multiple languages
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical


Making a profit on regular labels is becoming very competitive. To make a profit unique features are important. There are few printers that can offer this technology today to their clients. Stand out from the competitors with a MultiLayer solution from GM.

Multilayer labels are also known as peel-off-labels, peel-and-reveal labels, or wrap-around labels.

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See how Multilayer labels are produced on a GM DC350 Converting line.

Multilayer labels consist of two or three label layers. These multilayered labels give the product suppliers the freedom to include more than just basic information. This can include more detailed product specifications, guidelines or instructions, pictures, or even promotional information.

They are often used for:

  • special promotions
  • to display a lot of information
  • multiple languages


The classic multilayer label construction is made of two layers of PP material. The bottom layer has a special release varnish applied to the surface by the GM finishing equipment.

Multilayer labels can be opened and re-closed and are suitable for both flat and curved surfaces.

These little information “booklets” are the perfect fit for products in areas like:

  • food
  • cosmetics
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical

For printers who are looking to diversify their product offerings, the multilayer application is a perfect opportunity to move into special label applications.

Efficient production of multilayer units requires either cross-over units or lamination of two layers in a register. Lamination in the register has a major advantage over cross-over units, as the full web width is utilized. This doubles the production capacity and allows for full flexibility in the label design and size.

Advanced full servo-control ensures a perfect register between the top and bottom layers. The system automatically controls web tension and register, while providing feedback to the user on the built-in touchscreen.

The system has an optional cloud/network connectivity and can be connected to a local or external network job base for fully digital job scheduling. Remote system diagnostics and monitoring come as standard.

GM’s MultiLayer unit is compatible with all GM DC350 modular finishers. The compact but advanced unit can be installed in a day or ordered with a new machine.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 350 and 550 mm 13.8 and 21.6”
Speed Up to the max. machine speed
Substrate thickness 30 - 60 µm  1.2 - 2.4 pt
Verified Substrates PP on Silicone Liner
Repeat length 50 - 999,99 mm 2 - 393.70”
Made for  DC350/ 550Flex, DC350/ 550Flex+

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