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AutoTurret for uninterrupted production

Introducing our AutoTurret for seamless, uninterrupted production. Experience continuous operation with precision control, simplifying your workflow effortlessly.


The Fully Servo-Controlled Automatic Turret Rewinder ensures uninterrupted production, seamlessly transitioning between rolls without any downtime. 

Revolutionizing efficiency, our turret rewinder enables continuous operation, even during roll changes. Its precision servo control guarantees flawless performance, delivering optimal productivity without compromise.

Experience unparalleled quality with our state-of-the-art solution. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to smooth, uninterrupted varnishing of labels. Bid farewell to concerns about wet roller traces on the web. With our innovative technology, achieve spotless results every time, setting new standards in label finishing.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 350  mm 13.8″
Rewind 2 position turret
Max diameter on Turret 450 mm 17.5″
Max diameter on the bottom shaft 700 mm 27.5″
Standard core diameter 76,2 mm 3″
Made for  DC350Flex+

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