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GM DC330Mini label finisher fuels remarkable growth for Label Lab in Jordan


04 January 2024

When Ahmad Alramahi created his new label business in 2021, his vision was clear – to propel Label Lab to rapid success. In pursuit of excellence, he chose the best equipment on the market. Among the initial strategic investments was a GM DC330Mini label finisher, which was installed as a central part of the new label production setup. 

This strategy soon paid off and the Amman, Jordan-based company was on its way to becoming an important label supplier in the region. Today, with a team of 11 staff members, the company serves a multitude of customers across Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UEA, Palestine, and Turkey, even as far away as Germany. Label Lab caters to a variety of industries, including the food, fertilizing, and medical sectors. This success has in no small part been enabled by the high-performance DC330Mini, which Mr Alramahi believes has given his company a significant competitive advantage.

“The DC330Mini from GM has been a central driver in our success, allowing us to produce perfectly finished labels for our customers. This compact machine may be ‘mini’ in size, but it delivers outstanding performance and quality, plus it never breaks down,” he says. “The registration is perfect at all speeds and the user-friendliness means it is extremely easy to run, even for our less experienced operators.”

Capitalizing on the agility and speed of the DC330Mini, Label Lab is able to serve customers with small and large batches of high-quality labels. This flexibility has allowed the company to grow to the point where Mr Alramahi is actively considering investing in more label converting equipment from GM to expand into high-value luxury markets. His recently visited GM’s headquarters in Denmark to evaluate various solutions and discuss new opportunities.

“We are now at the point where we need to expand our capabilities, so we can elevate our production to the high-value segment and add more automation in the process,” he explains. “I’m particularly interested in the HF330 Hot Foil unit, the LC350 Laser die-cutter, and the DVM350 Digital Varnish module. These technologies would really help set Label Lab apart from the competition and take us to the next level.”  

Expressing his gratitude for the support from GM and its distributor Sixth Dimension, which facilitated the sale of the DC330Mini to Label Lab, Mr Alramahi concludes, “We do business with people – not companies. And the people behind GM have been very supportive of our label journey, from the machine design to the day-to-day assistance, with knowledge and understanding. This has not only given us increased operational efficiency but also contributed to our financial success – and I would recommend GM any time.”

As the distributor for the Jordan, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia markets, Sixth Dimension is an expert solutions provider of label printing and finishing systems. The company´s mission is to offer the perfect blend of know-how, application, technology, and after-sales service to its customers. 

Maher Dakkouri, CEO of Sixth Dimension, comments, “We work closely with our customers to secure their future success and help them reach their full potential. Sharing the journey with Label Lab has been a real honor, and we look forward to our future collaboration as this successful label printing company continues to invest in more GM equipment.”

(Photo L-R: Jos Kabouw, Global Senior Account Manager at GM, Ahmad Alramahi, Owner of Label Lab, and Maher Dakkouri, CEO of Sixth Dimension. 

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