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New DC330MINI in GrafiPrint, Sicily


03 February 2020

Digital printing centre from Sicily invested in new DC330MINI.

GrafiPrint Etichettificio was born in 2006 from the idea of Fabio Piacentino to create a digital printing centre with an adjacent graphics studio. The goal was to become a reference partner for Sicilian entrepreneurship, providing products and services of refined quality.

Fabio Piacentino, the GrafiPrint owner, said:
Today, the basic activity is printing and refining labels on rolls, especially on wine labels. Among the techniques used in Grafiprint for label production, we can distinguish digital printing, flexographic printing, screen printing and hot stamping. The Grafiprint Etichettificio fleet is constantly evolving, which confirms the purchase of the new GM DC330MINI.

We can claim to be specialists in the field of label printing for the wine sector. GrafiPrint is a guarantee of good customer treatment, obtaining a high-quality product without compromising the integrity of its finances and obtaining better experience than expected after purchase. The GrafiPrint motto is “Quality above all”.

The purchase of DC330MINI resulted both from the need to increase the scratch resistance on labels thanks to the option of UV flexo varnishing, as well as to increase production efficiency due to fast rotary punching. This was a great purchase!

The DC330MINI installation was implemented thanks to the commitment and professional advice of our colleague Luca Marvini from GM office in Italy.  

Click here to read more about the GM DC330MINI

The pictures below: Fabio Piacentino - GrafiPrint and Luca Marvini - GM with newly installed DC330MINI.

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How can I help you?

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