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HS30 is a high-speed rotary sheeter for 30” wide web

  • Designed for HP Indigo
  • A cut-to-mark high-speed sheeter for 30” wide web 


The HS30 has been designed to convert roll-fed material into sheets. The size can be from 20” to 40” depending on the tooling.

The precision register is managed by servo drive technology. The HS30 can deliver sheets to a conveyer or a stacker solution. The unwind station is a double-sided hydraulic unwind stand with tension control and lift-from-floor function.

The maximum diameter is 800 mm. The HS30 delivers material to a conveyor belt. An external stacking solution may be required.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 254 - 762 mm 10 - 30”
Substrate thickness 80 - 500 gsm  
Die Station
Full-rotary speed 60 m/min 197 ft/min
Repeat range 508 - 1016 mm 20 - 40”
Diameter max. 800 mm 31.5”
Max roll weight 700 kg 1543 lbs
Core diameter 76,2 mm 3”
Rewinder for waste
Diameter max. 400 mm 15.7”
Core diameter 76,2 mm 3”
Flexo Station Option
Varnishing roller Ø97.2mm / SH65  
Spot varnish repeat plate cylinder
305 - 482,6 mm  12 - 19”
Slitting Station Option
Knife type Pneumatic crush or razor  
Minimum distance crush 12,7 mm 0.5”
Power / Air 3x400V+N+PE, 16A / 6 bar  
Dimensions (WxDxH) 4,8 x 1,9 x 1,7 m  15.7 x 6.2 x 5.6 ft
Exhaust Ø100 mm / 800m3/h  

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