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DVM350 Digital varnish module – perfect for short runs

  • Digital spot coating
  • Digital embossing with high-build varnish
  • Metallic and hologram effects with foils
  • Braille printing
  • Warning triangles
  • Personalized graphics and text


Introducing the DVM350 Digital Varnish Module, harnessing cutting-edge inkjet technology from XAAR to elevate your printing experience to new heights.

This module redefines printing possibilities by offering exceptional capabilities. It empowers you to execute a multitude of decorative processes in a single pass, including digital foiling with a striking 3D effect, precise spot coating, tactile screen printing, and even braille printing.

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional screen printing with its time-consuming preparations. The DVM350 operates on-demand, streamlining your workflow for a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

This comprehensive, ready-to-use system boasts a complete workflow solution that is typically twice as fast as conventional screen printing. It effortlessly delivers flawless, high-build solid areas and provides impeccable protective coatings.

The magic behind the DVM350 lies in its special UV ink heads, which boast compatibility with a wide range of materials, including natural ones, without the need for special pre-treatment.

Make your labels truly exceptional and ensure they stand out among the competition on store shelves. The DVM350 Digital Varnish Module is your key to unlocking a world of printing possibilities and setting your products apart.

Harness this groundbreaking technology to craft premium labels imbued with enhanced value, all while keeping costs in check:

Achieve captivating matte or glossy effects.
Apply precise digital spot coating for striking visual contrasts.

Elevate your designs with digital embossing using high-build varnish.

Add tactile elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your labels.

Create mesmerizing metallic and holographic effects with foils.

Incorporate essential warning triangles for safety and compliance.

Implement braille printing for inclusivity and accessibility.

With this innovative technology at your disposal, you have the tools to transform your labels into captivating, functional works of art, all while optimizing your production costs.


  • Total flexibility
  • No tools are required
  • FAST! Typical 2x speed of the conventional screen
  • Immediate job change
  • Extremely competitive cost
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Material savings during start-up
  • Prints fine details, sharp texts, or graphics
  • Flawless high-build solid areas and protective coatings
  • Complete ready-to-use system with a full workflow solution
  • In the case of low volumes or urgent on-demand orders, it perfectly replaces screen printing.

The DVM350 can be added to any new GM converter or be retrofitted to an existing machine.

All in one process

Combing decorative processes in one pass, such as digital foiling with a 3D effect, spot coating, tactile screen and braille printing.

Works with all materials

No special pre-treatment - which makes DVM 350 an excellent digital alternative to traditional screen printing.

Industrial solution

Based on the well-known Xaar-inkjet technology.

Very fast

DVM350 is twice as fast as conventional screen printing and operates on-demand. No long and tedious preparation processes.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 200 – 350 mm 8 – 13.8”
Substrate thickness 100 – 250 μm 4 – 10 pt.
Speed max 50 m/min 164 ft/min
Build heights Up to 280 μm (*with double print bar)
Grey levels Up to 8
Print resolution 720 dpi
Drop sizes 6 - 40 pl
Ink type UV varnish
Made for DC350Flex, DC350Flex+, LC350

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