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LC350 - economic and tool-free digital laser finishing

  • Fully digital mirror system for superior laser cut quality
  • High-performance LUXINAR sealed lasers
  • Precise register and cut depth control
  • Zero changeover time - job change on the fly
  • No die-cut plate cost


A compact, economical, and fully digital laser finisher and an excellent choice for a digital label press

Quick delivery

With near-zero setup time for existing and new jobs, this laser finisher counters the challenges of smaller runs and challenging lead times. An investment in the LC350 will give you continuous production, increase efficiency and productivity, and enable day-to-day delivery of labels.


Cost saving

Save the cost of buying conventional die-cut plates, and spare time setting up new jobs. This cost-efficient laser die-cut solution will increase the flexibility in your production facility.

LC350 supports multiple laser processes and the laser beam will kiss-cut, slit, perforate, and ablate most materials used in the label industry.

The standard configuration of LC350 has laser die cutting, varnish, slitting, and dual rewind, and works based on a fully digital position system. This solution offers excellent register (X & Y) and cut-depth control, which gives you greater flexibility in the design of labels and an increase in the precision and quality of label edges.

The laser module of LC350 is designed to fit into any GM converting line, such as DC350Flex+, with minor electrical and mechanical modifications.

Flexibility and automation

The advantages of laser die cutting are flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, cost-effectiveness, great quality, versatility and automation possibilities. AutoKnives make production 100% tool-free.

TOOL FREE / zero setup time

Eliminates downtime for setups of mechanical dies, while increasing your design possibilities to more complex and intricate arrangements of high accuracy.

Day-to-day delivery

You can quickly upload a job to the LC350 and begin cutting. Jobs can continuously be readjusted for quick runs and also be saved and easily recalled.

Job change while running

You don’t need to stop the machine to change jobs. The software will do it for you automatically. Save time, reduce waste and eliminate vast tooling expenses.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 50 – 350 mm 2 – 13.8”
Substrate thickness 20 – 200 µm 0.8 – 8 pt.
Max machine speed  72 m/ min 236 ft/ min
Laser Die
Power  175 W, 250 W, or 350 W
Laser Type Sealed, single-head pulsed CO2
Diameter max. 700 mm 27.6”
Core diameter 76,2 or 152 mm 3 or 6”
Diameter max. lower rewind 600 mm 23.6”
Core diameter 25,4 – 152,4 mm – 6”
Flexo Station
Varnishing roller 228,6 – 635 mm 9 – 25”
Lamination and varnish
Cold foil option
Spot varnish option with registration and slow run
Slitting Station
Knife type Pneumatic crush, shear, razor, or AutoKnives 
Minimum distance crush 12,7 mm 0.5”
Minimum distance shear  14 mm 0.55”
Minimum distance AutoKnives 15,5 mm 0.61”
W x D x H 3,5 x 2,9 x 2,2 m 11.6 x 9.4 x 7.1 ft

Examples of cutting speeds with 250W and 350W lasers

LC350 1








**Cutting speeds may change with material, ink type and vector files. The data is only an indication of production speed.

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