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Welcome to Printers Supply Company - our new distributor in India


11 October 2021

The products Printers Supply represent are all bound together by one common thread of quality and service - therefore GM was a natural extension of their product offerings.

Printers Supply Company has served the narrow web flexographic printing and converting industry for the past ten years and holds a service-oriented organization that is tuned to serve the needs of the label printing market.

Amitabh Luthra, Managing Director at Printers Supply says:
“Our core value is ’Add Profits by Adding Value’– so the discerning eye will realize that only the best of products are accepted into our product portfolio, before being offered to our valued customers and friends.”

“The various agencies we work with and the products we represent are all bound together by one common thread of quality and service - therefore the GM products are a natural extension of our product offerings.”

Printers Supply Company is a 73-year-old family-run organization that is focused on being at the forefront of any new development that could benefit its growing number of customers in the printing and allied industries. Their large network of service engineers provides premium after-sales support to the industry.

A warm welcome to Printers Supply Company!


Contact Printers Supply Company:
Telefon: +919007113825
Email:  sales@printersuppliers.com

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

Whether you do the printing or make the printers, we know that finishing is just the start of a great
brand experience for your customers.


Never hesitate to contact us for any label finishing advice or for an offer.


Contact us at:

Email: sales@gm.dk

Phone: +45 4581 2300