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R2R coater for multipurpose OPV or other coatings
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  • A mini roll-to-roll coater
  • An easy-to-use entry platform for multipurpose OPV/ other coatings


GM’s FM150 mini coater is an entry-level, compact platform for production and applied science in thin film applications. This cost-effective roll-to-roll machine features proven technology and design, tested with multiple processes for more than a decade.

The FM150 features a steady web drive and a universal platform for mounting different coating and curing options.

The small web width ensures minimal substrate waste. At the same time, the system is capable of running with rolls up to a diameter of Ø400mm (approx.500-1000m web length).

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 10 - 150 mm  0.4 - 5.9"
Substrate 50 - 200 µm  
Max. unwind Ø240 mm 9.5"
Unwind core diameter 76,2 or 152,4 mm 3 or 6"
Max. rewind Ø240 mm 9.5"
Rewind core diameter 76,2 or 152,4 mm 3 or 6"
Power / Air 240V+N+PE, 16A, 6 bar  
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,1 x 0,7 x 0,7 m  

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