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CORLABEL added a second DC330Mini to their finishing equipment


In August 2020, Bryan Dolbow launched CORLABEL, starting with an HP Indigo 6000 press and a GM DC330Mini die cutter. Due to a growing label customer base, CORLABEL added an HP Indigo 8000 press and a second GM DC330Mini to their label finishing equipment.

CORLABEL is built on three strong pillars: a great team of 25 employees, a strong vision, and a large and loyal customer base. Today, the company serves a very diversified market from vitamins, cosmetics, and high-end foods to the fast-growing CBD market - which are all situated across the US and Europe.

Bryan Dolbow, President and Owner of CORLABEL:
When deciding on our label finishing equipment we learned that this investment goes beyond the equipment – the relation to GM has significantly Impacted our business. Right from the start we have had a close and unique collaboration with the GM team in the US – they have supported us in any way possible to make our label finishing a success. We see them as partners – not only as suppliers.

The GM die cutters have been running 17 hours per day for the past 24 months, and the machines are rock solid and operate consistently in both speed and quality. Our vision is to deliver trust, quality, and consistency – and the consistency in our machinery makes us able to deliver what we promise our customers - every single day!

Despite the current economic change, we see that the labeling industry keeps growing. We also expect CORLABEL to expand its production capacity and aim at adding a DC350Flex from GM to our production. This will support our diversified customer base and product offerings.”

We can recommend GM and the team behind any time!

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How can I help you?

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